Introducing the Panton Principles: The Video!

After quite a bit of filming, a fair few retakes and a lot of editing work by Alastair, it’s finally time to unveil the new Panton Principles video. For now, you can view the HD version on YouTube here.

The video is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-BY-3.0) so you’re free to reuse any or all of it subject to inclusion of the attribution detailed in the credits. We’ll also be making the video available for download very soon – I’ll post details here, on Twitter (@stilettofiend) and on the YouTube page itself once details are finalised. So keep checking back!

I’d really appreciate any comments, feedback or discussion on the video, so feel free to get in touch. And I’d also love to hear from you if you end up using the video in your work, in a presentation or anything like that – always good to hear what the users think 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you: happy data licensing!


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