OKFest 2012: Videos and Links from Panton Showcase

Having now returned to the UK and caught up on sleep, I can happily say that OKFest in Helsinki was an absolutely fantastic experience – the best conference I’ve ever attended, and a mightily well-attended one at that! It’s an uplifting feeling to meet so many proactive individuals from all walks of life, who are willing to capitalise on the phenomenal power of our connected and data-driven world and to realise that potential for the benefit of all, whether that’s through changing how countries are governed; driving change in academic practices; or development of commercial schemes. I for one can’t wait to see how all the various projects I saw progress between now and next year’s event: so many of the speakers are breaking new ground with what they’re doing (and in particular, how they’re doing it). The open world is a welcoming community of true pioneers. Inspiring stuff.

As befits an Open Knowledge conference, the events have all been meticulously documented through film, photographs and other resources and are available online. Each component of the programme was streamed live and the resulting videos can now be seen on Bambuser: so you can view my presentation online (complete with the premiere of the Panton Principles video). You might also want to take a look at Ross Mounce’s Panton presentation from the same session too!

I also chaired the panel discussion on Immediate Access to Raw Data, which featured Mark Hahnel of Figshare, Mark Wainwright of CKAN and Joss Winn of the Orbital project. The ensuing discussion covered a range of issues from the issues of data curation to asking “how immediate is immediate?” to contrasting the approaches of online data release vs. data papers. It was great to be involved in this session and hopefully our audience thought so too. Let’s keep the discussion going though! You can also read Joss’ posting on Orbital at OKFest here.

Right now things are looking wall-to-wall with my academic work, so I’m going to have to keep this post short, but I’ll be writing a proper piece on the issues of reproducibility that I covered in my Panton talk as soon as I’m able. Watch this space, and please get in touch with me in the meantime if you feel there’s room at your institution for some hands-on training in Open Science!

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